Welcome to the Alpha Testbed Homepage

What is Alpha Testbed?

The Alpha testbed, or ATB for short, is a tool for benchmarking trust and reputation models. It is intended to be used by trust and reputation researchers.

ATB allows researchers to easily implement new trust models, evaluation scenarios, and metrics. These implementations can be shared between researchers to enable straightforward comparison between various trust and reputation model proposals.

Here you will find

  • information about the testbed, such as user documentation, Javadocs, different tutorials and other helpful resources, and
  • information about the progress in developing ATB: bug tracker, plans, ATB's source code and so on.

For additional information please refer to the Getting started guide.

Also, please note that the site is still under construction, thus not all information is available at this point. We are doing our best to improve the site daily.


These papers describe ATB in more detail.


ATB is licensed under GNU GPL v3 and runs on  Repast Simphony 2.1 and thus requires Java 7 or higher.